Housing estate, Naleczowska 33/35 Street, Warszawa

Housing estate, Naleczowska 33/35 Street, Warszawa, Warszawa | mLOCUM | projekt konkursowy 2016

powierzchnia 18 191 m2

Form of the planned buildings is based on the separation of pervading each other, simple solids with the usage of contrasting materials. Facades, exposed to the south and west, are characterized by clear tectonics because of loggias, on which is based on their composition, additionally accented by covering the front part of the balcony panels by glass railing. The walls facing north and east are characterized by simple, repeating divisions of the walls. Six-storey parts of the building from the streets: Naleczowskiej and Goplanskiej are finished in a dark colour in opposition to the light high solids in the background. Between the buildings is provided a green courtyard opening into the street Goplanska with designed green and recreational spaces intended for residents of the estate.