Residential building complex in the area of Molo Rybackie, Gdynia

Residential building complex in the area of Molo Rybackie, Gdynia, Gdynia | mLOCUM | projekt koncepcyjny 2015

powierzchnia 15 404 m2

This complex of two residential buildings, located in the neghbourhood of the sea, in the prestigious part of the district (surrounded by Sea Towers and Kosciuszko Square - the "heart" of Gdynia), is distinguished by its modern exterior form and individualized approach to each of them. So we have different types of apartments. What connects the two blocks are: outside monochrome, calm colours, the detail - translucent, perforated panels, mounted in the area of ​​balconies and windows that can, depending on the weather, be opened, revealing a spectacular view of the bay or closed and protect from the wind or the sun. In the lower part of the buildings, accessible from the ground floor, we have services behind whole-glazed walls. By these treatments the whole complex, despite the quite considerable height and cubic capacity, does not overwhelms with its size and is welcoming in perception of both residents and passers-by.

The project will be implemented in one stage.