Concept of residential complex Biale Wydmy, Gdańsk

Concept of residential complex Biale Wydmy, Gdańsk, Gdańsk | ALLCON OSIEDLA | projekt konkursowy 2016 | 11968

The idea of this urban layout is to provide as many as possible views between the buildings and soft formation of landscape architecture for individualized space for each building. Landscape axes of view leading along both areas were designed for each flat as well as transverse ones in the direction of surrounding green areas. Axes, shaped like natural seaside landscape with ,,dunes”, were emphasized with the lines of sinuous dunes and include ,,green”: trellises and hedges, ,,earth” – different kinds of floors (Hanse Grand, wooden and stone), ,,water” – parts of larger water composition. The whole complex is consisent in its geometrical composition.  Along the ,,dunes” there were made two types of terrain according to the rules of shaping the landscape in nature. Mild, green pieces with ,,sand” surfaces, covered with grass and small shrubs, among which are rhythmically arranged ,,islands" of individual trees and benches and steep slopes shaped by the ,,green wall" trellises and hedges. Meandering ,,dunes" lead residents to their homes.

The buildings are maintained in a consistent style referring to the character of development of small urban villas. The buildings have 4 or 5 storeys above the ground, over which is designed mezzanines for apartments located on the top floor. At elevations in balcony niches is used white plaster, wooden lining in natural color, details in galvanized steel painted in dark gray and dark gray roof. The roofs of all buildings are ended by the chimney walls, finished with a lining made of galvanized steel in dark gray, in which are hidden launchers of mechanical ventilation with recuperation.