Residential Complex Zeromskiego Street, Warszawa

Residential Complex Zeromskiego Street, Warszawa, Warszawa | MATEXI | projekt konkursowy 2016

powierzchnia 5 650 m2

This residential complex, in which we have two plots situated next to each other, is located in Warsaw, in the district Bielany. Land development plan was created on the idea of creation an illusion of natural area of meandering riverbanks of Wisla. Various details like openwork trellises, supporting structures for growing plants and see-through wall of differential heights made from wood were designed.

The buildings are maintained in a consistent style referring to the character of modernist building Bielany and Zoliborz, shaped in the 30s of the twentieth century. The black frontage building with a range of dark colors on its facade refers directly to the solutions of the Warsaw modernism and contemporary tools of architectural expression. The buildings have 5 floors above ground. The height of the buildings, according to Bulding Conditions does not exceeds the height of  16.60 metres from the existing ground level.

Scheme details and quantity of materials facade of a higher standard were taken from one range of colours. The basic facade material is black and white plaster. On elevations in balcony niches was used wood in natural color, details in galvanized, painted in dark colors steel and natural, matt aluminum.